A man with lot of can do lists

He is often referred as Canada’s pride as Success doesn’t come in single step it needs many steps to move on. He is also the man who made his many remarkable steps and turned himself into a celeb. Working honestly can lead you to greater heights. The CEO of AGF blake goldring toronto is such a kind of man who climbed up the ladder on success.

University of Toronto

The family of our celeb graduated from University of Toronto. By following the track taken by his family he too took the same steps an obtained a Bachelor degree in Economics. He has made many contributions to student society like

The goldring student centre

It is especially under construction for students who are in need of staying home experience. It will be a place where students can come and discuss their valuable views at one spot.

The goldring centre for high performance sport

It has been opened in Varsity center to mould the students into sports persons. It is for the students who are ready to get into sports. This center is helpful for physical fitness too.

His awards

  • Commanders’ Commendations of  CLS and LFCA in 2009 and 2011
  • B’Nai Brith Award of Merit in  2011
  • Honorary Colonel, Canadian Army in 2011
  • University of Toronto’s Arbor Award in 2009
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws which belongs to Royal Military College of Canada in 2008
  • Arbor Award in 2009
  • Canadian Investment Awards Person of Influence Award in 2007
  • VIMY Award Recipient  in 2014
  • Meritorious Service Medal which belongs to Military Division in 2009

These are all the prestigious awards that have been given to him. Still now he stands first in helping the people for many purposes. Even though the company faces many rise and falls he standardizes it and maintains it in flawless manner.

His concern takes cares of plans like

  • Investing basics
  • Plans for retirement
  • Working and investing
  • Living in retirement
  • Insights and ideas

His major ideas reveal that investment is must than expenses. We must try to practice investing on mutual funds which can give fruitful outputs when money comes in need of. So invest your money and get beneficial out of it.






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